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Multi-purpose Titanium Fishing Pliers

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Author : Eva Tan
Update time : 2021-01-25 11:32:03
Multi-purpose Titanium Fishing Pliers (necessity for fishing enthusiast)


* Ultralight, high strength, anti-corrossion
* Titanium alloy material, good helper for fishing
* 1.5m Climbing Buckle Wire Rope (High elastic rope, Link metal climbing buckle, loss prevent)
* YG8 Tungsten steel clips (Sharp, Fast cut nylon wire, Braiding Wire, Polyester Cotton Thread)
* Accessory: 1.5m Climbing buckle wire rope +Plastic guard pliers sleeve +Tungsten steel clip supplement package+Plastic Waterproof Pliers Cover
* Usage: ring opening, wire bracing, cutting string, taking hook, diving lead
* Function: Tungsten steel thread cutting blade, draw flat, Double ring spreader, Lead clamp device

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