OEM Service

Our biggest advantage "OEM Service "

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Author : Rony
Update time : 2023-01-13 10:20:28
Our Research and Development (R&D) team works with you to develop superior customized products that fit your requirements. The R&D team provides extensive knowledge and expertise and is comprised of professional senior engineer ,creative and energetic designer, experienced production team. Our professionals work with you to check and confirm feasibility of the design ,improve drawing ,make prototype ,test and confirm sample ,produce bulk order goods .

We help you confirm product details. When we receive drawing from clients . there will be some issue about the design . such as incorrect dimension. shortage of professional drawing ,details need being improved . for such issues , our engineer and designer team will help to confirm the idea , make and modify drawing until it could be used for production
We help you to make prototype. After the drawing is confirmed , we will make the prototype , test and adjust sample until it’s approved by clients
We help you to make trial order. Once the sample is approved , we will begin for trial order production for you to confirm the consistency of quality .
We help to source package ,surface treatment , small parts. We have stable cooperation with package factory ,surface treating company and small parts supplier ,etc. the only thing you need to do is offer us the idea and receive goods .

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