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Multi functional keychain

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Update time : 2021-04-12 10:49:44
Multi functional keychain 

▶EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL - 10 Tools in 1 Key-Shaped Key Chain Multi-Tool Including a Flat Head Screwdriver, Spanner, Bottle Opener, Box Opener and Hex Bit Driver, Box Opener, 1/4 Inch Hex Bit Holder.
▶ PREMIUM QUALITY - Gr5 Titanium is Lightweight, Super Strong, and Corrosion Resistant.
▶TSA CHECKPOINT FRIENDLY - The Key is Compliant with Current TSA Regulations and Permissible for Carry-On.
▶ SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT - Will Fit Easily on your Keychain or in Your Pocket, Purse and Bag.
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