Titanium water bottlePure Titanium Sports Water Bottle for Outdoor Travel Camping Hiking Cycling Fitness

Item No.: JXT-D3006
【Material】 Chemical resistant; light weight; Recyclable; bio-compatible; High specific strength; Acid,alkali and limescale Resistant; Rust-proof;No Teflon coating.
【Suitable for outdoor sports】Water are very suitable for outdoor sports and travel.
Product information
  Name   Titanium water bottle
  Material   Pure titanium
  Capacity   1050 ml
  Size   80*220 mm
  The lid   D63mm
  Weight   225 g / 260 g
  Color   Titanium color
  Service   OEM, ODM
  Feature   Ultralight, high strength, portable
  Application   Outdoor camping hiking, fishing, outdoor sports

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