Titanium Bowl Children Bowl Outdoor Camping Tableware

Item No.: JXT-C4002
Pure titanium,lightweight and stronger than steel.Never rust,anti-corrosion from acid and alkali.Super anti-fall and waterproof.
High resistance to extreme low and high temperature.Good heat transfer performance.
Product information
  Name   Titanium bowl
  Material   Pure titanium
  Surface   Sandblast
  Capacity   300ml/ 400ml/ 500ml/ 600ml/ 700ml/ 800ml/ 900ml
  Size   105*48/115*48/131*48/140.5*49/150*50/161*50/172.5*50mm
  Weight   42/46/62/68/75/85/92g
  MOQ   400Pcs
  Color   Titanium color
  Feature   Ultralight and high strength
  Application   Outdoor camp kitchen picnic

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