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what is the titanium Apple phone15 Pro case that everyone is using like?

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Author : Mia Wang
Update time : 2024-01-11 12:02:44
In September 2023, Apple held a new round of press conferences, and the iPhone 15 Pro series will be updated one after another. The new phone inherits the excellent product performance of previous Apple phones, including the 48-megapixel main camera, which can be turned into a 2x telephax, USB-c charging port, A17Pro chip, 5x optical zoom camera and so on. In addition, as the first aviation-grade material designed with titanium metal, is titanium metal material really the result of product upgrades? Clearly, the answer is no, and there are obvious drawbacks.

1. You can't resist falling

With the new phone on the market for six months, many bloggers are eager for a drop test. Almost everyone agrees: The iPhone 15 is not as fall-proof as its predecessor. A free fall from below your chest can damage the back cover and screen. The causes of different degrees of damage are likely to be inextricably linked to titanium metal materials. Titanium metal is harder than stainless steel and aluminum alloy, but the shock absorption performance is poor, which directly leads to the damage of internal components. If you don't buy a fall-proof phone case, the repair costs may be higher.

2. Poor heat dissipation

The reason why the iPhone 15 Pro series generates heat is because the titanium alloy middle frame prevents internal heat from escaping through the frame. It can only dissipate heat through the screen and back cover, which reduces efficiency. This is a flaw in Apple's design that cannot be fixed by software optimization. The only way to change it is by limiting the frequency to reduce processor performance and reduce power consumption. This will certainly affect the performance of Apple's phones, which is an obvious problem.
These two points are the most important needs of users. In addition, there are other things, such as it is not resistant to dirt, fingerprints are easily on it. There is also the use of new thermal mechanical processing methods to achieve the adhesion of aluminum alloy and titanium metal, the cost is high. The cost to the user is transferred to the consumer, who must pay for this immature process.

So, do you agree that Apple should improve further?

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