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Anti-corrossion campfire plate cooking barbecue grill Ultralight Titanium Grill 

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Update time : 2020-09-27 16:46:26
Ultralight Titanium Grill 
Effortless to carry at an ultralight 110g yet tough enough to withstand the harshness of bush cooking thanks to Titanium’s incredible strength to weight ratio.
Welded and shaped entirely by hand to guarantee long-term strength and durability of the unique 3D mesh design.
Constructed from commercially pure Grade 2 Titanium for unparalleled resistance against rust and corrosion.
Titanium bears none of the toxic properties of other metals and presents no threat to the human body, even when exposed to the extreme heat of a fire.
Built primarily for open-fire cooking, this grill is designed to withstand exposure to temperatures up to 1,600°c with no risk of degradation throughout its lifetime.
 A premium quality storage bag with grease-proof lining protects your pack and equipment from residual oil and grime leftover from cooking.

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